Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well, Well, Well......(Adult Content!!!)

Ya know....I'm really struggling with some things, or people, in my life right now. With everything that I have going on, some people really have the nerve. I will say this now, if you fall in this category then pay close attention and if you dont like it, you can SUCK IT!!
Yep you guessed it, this morning, Im MAD, MAD AS HELL!!
I can't help it if you do not like what I say, how I feel, what I think, or how I react to anything right now. I am not going to change my mood or words to suit you. Please don't tell me to be positive or be strong. This is my child were talking about and guess what....I've been here before!!! I know how to be strong for my child, in front of my children. I appreciate all of the kind words, prayers, and support. Yeah, I know that people on the other side of this don't always know what to say or do. But fare warning, if you think it might be the wrong thing to say, follow others and don't say a word, cause it probably is the wrong thing!!

Getting several calls from 8am until 9pm at night from the hospital pre-registering, and making sure we have everything for the trip and making sure were okay and making sure we know where to go, Reality is setting in and my heart feels like its carrying a ton of bricks!!! One minute I want to cry, the next I want to vomit. So yeah, I'm pretty messed up right now, but still wearing that smile for my babies(well their not babies but they are my babies). I just need people to support and be there, that's all I need. Most are being very good at doing that. Also, I find it difficult that some people I figured would be supporters haven't even said a word to us and ones I didn't think or even people I don't know, are here with "Arms Wide Open". I guess the truth is when it really counts the people that really matter, or think you matter, are there when you need them.

Point is....Be supportive, don't tell someone how to think or feel, just be there!! And if you don't like what I say or do, then SUCK IT!!!!(this is my new happy phrase, developed by my LJ!)
( I feel a little better, I'm going to shower now!)

Peace, Love, and Prayers!
Sara, Aunt Ciera, or the Bitch from Hell!!


  1. Oh my dear sis!! I love you and I think this is great! Sometimes people just need to hear the truth and today, u shared it!! Good for you!! The mean people, selfish people, insensitive people, stupid people, fake people, and inconsiderate people can SUCK IT!! Now is not the time for their BS!!
    Love You,

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